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Program Highlights

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This program is designed to give the student hands-on training in the key areas of financial accounting and payroll, as well as in the implementation and operation of a computerized accounting system.  The practical , rather than the theoretical , is stressed.


Successful graduates of this program may meet the requirements to receive:

Program Duration

The program duration is a total of 67 weeks, including a 4 week work term.

Technical Skills


Internal Control

Bookkeeping & Financial Accounting

Intermediate & Management Accounting

Computerized Accounting with Sage 50

Computerized Accounting with Sage 300

Payroll Compliance

Payroll Fundamentals I & II

Computer Skills

Computer Fundamentals / Keyboarding

Internet Communications


Word Processing Level I & II

Spreadsheets Level I & II

Database Management


Strategies for Student Success

Professional Skills

Career Planning & Preparation

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