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The Adult Basic Education (ABE) program gives adults an opportunity to complete their high school education. It also enables students to improve their existing grades for admission into other post secondary programs. Western College follows the guidelines of the Provincial Government’s Adult Basic Education (ABE) system.

Entrance Requirements

To enroll into Western College’s Adult Basic Education (ABE) Program, a person must be a minimum of 17 years old (or 18 years of age and out of school for a minimum of one year.)

The student will meet with an admissions officer / counselor prior to registration.  After completing a Personal Data Sheet, a Student Action Plan is constructed.  This determines transferable credits from high school and a list of courses to be completed.

Graduation Requirements

A student must successfully complete one level III profile to graduate. There are 36 credits to complete for each.  These profiles have the advantage of educating students about their post secondary options and reinforcing the connection between the ABE program and future employment training prospects.

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Adult Basic Education

The program offers three different profiles:

General College Profile

This profile is designed for ABE students who intend to go on to post-secondary programs that require a high school graduation certification.

Business-Related College Profile

This profile is designed for ABE students who intend to go on to business-related college programs, such as Business Administration or Information Technology programs.

Degree and Technical Profile

This is an academic profile in which core courses are directly equivalent to corresponding courses in the high school system. It is designed for ABE students who intend to go on to university or other post-secondary programs that require an equivalent level of secondary education. (examples: Engineering Technology, Natural Resources, and Health Sciences programs)

Each and every individual is different and may require an assessment prior to enrolment into the “Adult Basic Education Program”.  The Canadian Adult Achievement Test will be administered to every individual seeking enrolment into the “ABE” program and along with any transcripts or prior learning, this will determine the duration of the program for that individual.  If you still have questions or concerns, call today and arrange a consultation with one of our Admissions Representatives.