Child and Youth Care Worker

Program Highlights

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Helping young people and their families overcome emotional and behavioral problems is the child and youth care worker’s role. Sensitive, well educated, and knowledgeable graduates are in demand across Canada. You can enjoy a rewarding career as a youth worker, family support worker, out-of-school care worker, child / youth care worker, counselor assistant or family-school liaison worker. The work setting includes group homes, youth centers, community based and foster care programs and schools.


Program Duration

The program duration is a total of 88 weeks, Including 12 weeks of work term.

Technical Skills

Adolescent Development

Activity Programming

Child and Youth Care Issues

Child and Youth Care Practices

Family Ties

Family Work Practices

Individual Approaches

Child and Youth Care Approaches

Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity

Mental Health Practices

Group Work

Introduction to Family Work

Professions of Child and Youth Care

Self Awareness / Personal Growth

Interpersonal Communication

Child Development

Adult Development

Social Issues

Professional Etiquette

Introduction to Research and Writing

Computer Skills

Computer Fundamentals / Keyboarding


Strategies for Student Success

Professional Skills

Career Planning & Preparation

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